About Us

About Us Goinsurance.id.

Goinsurance is a site that helps you to get complete and actual information about insurance. We make it easy for you to choose the right type of insurance according to your needs. All information on this site is provided by people who are experienced and highly dedicated in this field.

Nowadays, we see that there are still many people who do not know how important it is to register as an insurance policy holder. This happens because of a lack of access and information resources, which in turn makes them think that being insurance participant is complicated and expensive. Goinsurance is here because of our awareness to provide easy guidance for you, prospective insurance policy holders. Our main focus is that insurance information and all its aspects can be easily affordable for anyone, anywhere and anytime.

We learned that the best teacher is experience. So, our team is also consists of people with full of experience. Those who have worked on all lines in insurance companies. You can find various reliable articles, such as types of insurance, the amount of premium to be paid, how to claim insurance, and others. And of course with an interesting writing style.

Our information is a light that never goes. Starting today, excessive worries are no longer the answer to the problem, but a mild challenge when it is done together. We are a lighter for the fire of hope. Your hope for change.